18 ans !

A new Opus award

On february 3rd 2019, the festival received the Opus award of concert of the year –mixed program for its concert Exubérance et nostalgie. This chamber music concert was remarked by the jury of music professionals for its energy and the outstanding performance of the musicians involved. It is with great pleasure that James Darling, artistic director of the festival, accepted the award given by the Conseil québécois de la musique.


Since 2002, our festival is one of the main cultural attraction here in Bas-Saint-Laurent. Our audience is 50% local and 50% touristic. We invite you to celebrate the beauties of the Bic next august! – James Darling



The Opus award gala gathered the principal actors of Québec’s music scene : diffusors, concerts halls and festivals as well as professional concert musicians. In its winning category, Concerts aux îles du Bic was in nomination with other major acts of the music scene such as Kent Nagano’s OSM, les Violons du Roy and Société des arts technologiques (SAT). Concerts aux îles du Bic was nominated in a total of 4 categories and was also considered for the special diffusor of the year award.

The talent of all of the musicians involved in the Exubérance and nostalgie concert was of course vital in the success of this event. This closing concert was held on august 11th 2018 at the churche Sainte-Cécile-du-Bic and showcased canadian artists Valérie Milot, Angela Park, Sharon Wei, Elissa Lee, Rachel Mercer, Antoine Bareil, James Darling, Élise Lavoie and Stéphane Tétreault. The sheer quality of their performance raised vivid reactions amongst the audience.


James Darling remarks that the essence of Concerts aux îles du Bic lays in the fact that it «reunites young artists with experienced musicians of diverse backgrounds. For exemple, this year, the Ensemble Made in Canada from Ontario performed alongside local musicians»


Since 2002, Société des concerts Bic St-Fabien organizes the Festival Concerts aux îles du Bic. It is the only chamber music festival in Eastern Québec. The non-profit organization is working each year to promote and valorize music amongst the public in Bas-Saint-Laurent and create quality concerts for the benefit of social, cultural and touristic development of the region.


Opus award gala in pictures


Exubérance et nostalgie concerts in pictures