18 ans !


Guitar ensemble Forestare, composed of 12 guitars, double bass and conductor, has already existed for 15 years. Since its inception, the ensemble has participated in the creation of close to 50 original works and has adapted nearly another 100 for its unique make-up. In doing this, the ensemble has created the largest repertoire of music for guitar orchestra in the world.

The group has released two albums with the label, ATMA Classics. The albums were welcomed with much critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike. The first self-titled release garnered a Félix in the category “Instrumental Album of the Year” in 2007 as well as led to the ensemble being awarded the Bourse RIDEAU two times which permitted them to present their concert “De l’arbre à la guitare” more than a hundred times in Québec. Along with this they were also able to present the concert in several music festivals in France, Chilli and in many reputable concert halls throughout Canada. Their second album Arauco received nominations for both a Félix and a Prix Opus and was highly praised by critics. The show based on the album has been performed in concert halls throughout Québec.

Feeding upon this experience, Forestare is pushing its limits and have now begun to adapt the great works of the Baroque period for their ensemble of guitars. While in residence at the contemporary art museum, The Arsenal in Montreal, the majestic setting of their new surroundings gave the members of the ensemble the desire to perform a repertoire more precise and exacting. Surrounded by the works of artists such as, David Altmedj, David Spriggs, Rodin, Armanc Vaillancourt, Marc Séguin, etc, the ensemble has given itself the mission to mold an architectural and exuberant music, like the music of Bach, into a new sound unique to a guitar orchestra.