10 ans !

Guy Bernier, sitar

Guy Bernier is devoted to his instrument for over 40 years. During his 4 trips to India, he learned the many secrets of the sitar, an instrument that comes from the long musical tradition of north India. Awarded many times by the CALQ, jury, graduate in Indian classical music and disciple of the iconic Sri Rabin Ghosh of Calcutta (partner of famous Ravi Shankar), Guy also received the teaching of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Shahid Parvez. In 1998, he won the title of Badya Shree of Bangiya Sangeet Kala Kendra in Calcutta. He has been a member of the group ORIOXI from Québec. Guy teaches sitar and gives, conferences and demonstrations to promote his instrument. He founded the band «la Clé» and is also part of the Christian Paré World Ensemble. Guy Bernier is established as a major name in the world of north Indian classical music today.