10 ans !

Olivier Tremblay-Noël, percussion

Born in Bas-Saint-Laurent (Québec), Olivier Tremblay-Noël began percussion at early age and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski. Olivier currently studies at McGill University, where he is pursuing his Masters degree with Aiyun Huang and Fabrice Marandola. In the past, Olivier has performed in masterclasses and studied privately with Louis Charbonneau, Andrei Malashenko, Emmanuel Séjourné, Anne-Julie Caron, Greg Beyer and Ney Rausoro.

He is a four-time winner of first prize in the Canadian Music Competition for percussion in the keyboard/percussion category. In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious Governor General of Canada’s Academic Medal. He is currently supported by the Fond de recherche québécois en science et en culture, and has received funding from the Fond Pierre-Harvey, Fondation Beaulieu-Langis, McGill University as well as the Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski. 

After a flourishing musical career during his time in Rimouski, Olivier has, aside from his studies, acquired experience as a professional musician as well. He has performed at the camber music festival Concerts aux Îles du Bic (2012), the Rencontres de musiques spontanées (2013), with the Orchestre symphonique de l’Estuaire (2010 to 2014), the Opéra-Théâtre de Rimouski (2014-2015), at the Festi Jazz international de Rimouski (2012), and the Domaine Forget (2015). He has also toured regionally with various groups, including the Duo Anches et baguettes with saxophonist David Stylenko and the percussion ensemble Rythmus. More recently, he was artist in residence for the project Musique de céramique, an initiative of the percussionist Tom Jacques, where he participated in the composition and performance of a concert featuring original clay instruments developed and shaped by ceramist Louis Lagacé. Aside from classical music, Olivier is dedicated to the learning of tabla and jazz vibraphone, and has taught privately for many years. He can be heard on vibraphone on the latest album of the indie rock band Equse.