18 ans !

Closing gala concert: Le cœur illuminé

samedi 15 Août 2020, 21:00

Église Sainte-Cécile du Bic


  • Normand Forget, oboe
  • Éthel Guéret, soprano 
  • Jérémie Pelletier, piano 
  • Élise Lavoie, violin 
  • James Darling, cello

A spectacular evening highlighting the talent of five well known and appreciated local musicians. Soprano Éthel Guéret, violinist Élise Lavoie and pianist Jérémie Pelletier join artistic codirectors Normand Forget on oboe and James Darling on cello. 

Le coeur illuminé
is a an ever changing musical journey where the intimacy of the 10 Blake Songs of Vaughan-Williams stands besides Rachmaninoff’s sumptuous Cello Sonata and the delicate works of Clara and Robert Schumann. A unique gala that will also host the world premiere of Mathieu Lussier’s Sonatine pour hautbois et piano!

This event will be hosted by
Mario F. Paquet.


Repertoire :

      • Vaughan-Williams – 10 Blake Songs part 1 for soprano and oboe
      • C. Schumann – Romance, op.22  no. 1 for violin and piano
      • Rachmaninoff – Sonate op. 19 in G minor IIIs – Andante for cello and piano
      • C. Schumann – Trio in G minor : III – Andante – for violin, cello and piano
      • Vaughan-Williams – 10 Blake Songs part 2 for soprano and oboe
      • C. Schumann – Romance, op.22  no. 2 – Allegretto and no. 3 Leidenschaftlich schnell for violin and piano
      • Mathieu Lussier – Sonatine, op. 52 – I : Allant pour hautbois et piano * World Premiere
      • R. Schumann – Étude en forme canonique, op. 56 no. 2 Mit innigem Ausdruck for oboe, cello and piano



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